Adjustable Base

Designed to suit your stylish needs, Bas-X HCS features head articulation and a zero clearance design compatible with most platform and slat beds. Its lightweight, slim profile and foldability make it easy to move, and durable weight capacity of 850 lbs. ensures safety and ease of mind. A two-button, wired remote is simple to operate, raising the head of the base for convenience as you read, work, or watch TV. When it’s time for bed, bring it back down to the flat position with the push of a button. With six steel legs for free-standing use, you can trust this base to provide the ultimate in support as you sleep. Don’t make yourself choose between convenience, comfort, or style – enjoy all three with the Bas-X HCS.

850 lb. Weight Capacity

This high-performance base easily lifts up to 850 lbs. total maximum weight, including the mattress.

Head Articulation

Effortlessly raise and lower your head to find your perfect relaxation position.

Zero Clearance

This base features a zero-clearance design, making it compatible with most slat beds and solid-surface platforms.

How to Buy

Leggett & Platt does not sell adjustable bed bases direct to consumers, but our products are available both online and in-store from retailers across the country. You can find our products at locations of all sizes, from major retailers to your local mattress store.

Product availability will vary by dealer. Please shop online or contact a store near you to discuss your available options.

Wired Remote

Simply adjust the position of your base with the touch of a button.

Slim, Foldable Foundation

With a foldable design and slim profile, this base allows you to easily maneuver your bed wherever you want it.

Steel Legs

For free-standing setup, the base includes six strong, steel legs.

Motion Control

  • 850 lbs. total max weight capacity
  • Head articulation

Base Control

  • Wired 2-button remote
  • Sync cable included with split sizes


  • Black upholstery
  • Zero clearance, slat bed and platform bed-friendly
  • Folding, slim profile foundation style design
  • Steel legs, for optional use