Symmetry SM
Adjustable Base

Symmetry SM is a foldable adjustable base that is platform and slat bed friendly. This base includes a programmable wireless remote, allowing you to maneuver the base to your perfect sleeping position. Take relaxation to new heights by combining the relaxing features of anti-snore, zero gravity, or customized positions with the full body massage technology. Symmetry SM also has under-bed lighting and a built-in remote flashlight for easy navigation through the night. When you’re ready for bed, recharge your body and your devices with dual USB ports.

Full-Body Dual Massage with Wave

Relax and rejuvenate after a long day with the dual-wave massage, which moves from head to toe to soothe your entire body. Or choose standard massage for all-over relief.

Dual USB Ports

Keep your electronics in easy reach with convenient dual USB ports on each side of the base.

Designed for Platform Beds

This base features a slim 2" foam profile and is designed to be compatible with platform and slat beds.

How to Buy

Leggett & Platt does not sell adjustable bed bases direct to consumers, but our products are available both online and in-store from retailers across the country. You can find our products at locations of all sizes, from major retailers to your local mattress store.

Product availability will vary by dealer. Please shop online or contact a store near you to discuss your available options.

Additional Features

Under-Bed Lighting

Under-bed lighting provides ambience and functionality. Control the under-bed lighting with a touch of a button on the remote or app.

Remote Flashlight

Find your way in the dark with the built-in flashlight on the remote control.

Zero Clearance Foundation

The zero clearance foundation design accommodates most platform and slat beds, making it perfect for solid-surface platforms and under-bed storage.

Custom Programmable Positions

Find personalized comfort by storing your favorite sleeping positions. The remote includes reprogrammable anti-snore and zero gravity positions, as well as a customizable position.

Capacitive-Touch Wireless Remote

This base includes a capacitive-touch remote control. The wireless, glass-top, 12-button remote offers many features, including programmable positions and a snore button.

Product Specifications

Motion Control

  • 850-lb weight capacity
  • Head and foot articulation

Base Control

  • Capacitive-touch, wireless, glass-top, 12-button remote 
  • Reprogrammable anti-snore and zero gravity positions, plus one customizable position
  • Sync cable included with split sizes
  • Emergency power-down and safety lock


  • Compatible with platform beds
  • Zero clearance, 2” foam profile foldable foundation style design
  • Height-adjustable legs included for freestanding setup
  • Furniture-grade upholstery in Charcoal Gray